A picturesque Apennine village, with a beautiful medieval limestone building, crossed by the spectacular course of the Menotre river, one of whose spring branches is born … within the town.
Waterfalls, mills and streams everywhere, to arouse the amazement and delight of the visitor. There are many stories to tell, all related to the lady and undisputed mistress of the place: water.

All around, an exuberant, luxuriant nature, as only Green Umbria can offer.

And, as always in Umbria, art is also close at hand: our program for a guided tour in Rasiglia also includes the beautiful Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, a few hundred meters from the town, located at shade of centuries-old oaks and adorned with a rich cycle of votive frescoes ranging from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century.

In the immediate surroundings it is possible to take many other itineraries, including hiking trails, linked to water. The Menotre waterfalls in Pale and the Colfiorito Regional Park are famous.