Located in the geographic center of Italy, Narni is characterized by its medieval historic center, splendid buildings and characteristic alleys.
Its perched position was an inspiration to C.S Lewis, writer of “The Chronicles of Narnia” which takes its name from the Umbrian village.

During the guided tour you can see:

Piazza Garibaldi The entrance to the city of Narni preserves a medieval tower on the left.

The current Cathedral, dedicated to San Giovenale, stands on an older construction, wanted to protect the burial of the saint titular of the cathedral and first bishop of the city. It preserves interesting remains of medieval frescoes.

Piazza dei Priori has always been the hub of city life. In the Middle Ages it was the “Platea maior” and still today, some of the most important buildings in the city overlook this square. These include the Palazzo dei Priori and the Palazzo del Podestà, born from the amalgamation of some tower houses from the mid-thirteenth century.

Church of S. Domenico (Exterior) It was the ancient Cathedral of the city with the dedication to S. Maria Maggiore. The original construction dates back to the 12th century.

Ponte di Augusto Just outside the city. It is a Roman bridge used in ancient times to cross the gorge created by the Nera river. It is a true masterpiece of Roman architecture.