The itinerary develops having as a reference the city at the time of San Francesco (XII-XIII) century.

We will visit the monuments that Francis certainly saw every day and those that took shape in those years.

We will conclude the visit in the Basilica dedicated to him and where his remains are kept.

The view starts at the church of Santa Chiara and includes the visit of

Oratorio San Francesco Piccolino built in the place where, according to tradition, Francesco was born

New Church which guards the paternal house and the so-called Prison, where he was locked up by his father
Piazza del Comune and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Roman temple transformed into a church is the best preserved Roman monument in the whole region of Umbria

Basilica of San Francesco, an important place of worship but, above all, the keeper of extraordinary works of art. All the most important Italian artists of the late thirteenth / early fourteenth century worked in this building, from Cimabue to Giotto, from Simone Martini to Pietro Lorenzetti.

The visit will last about two and a half hours, but it will be possible to adapt it to the needs of the group


Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli with the Porziuncola, restored by Francis himself and a very dear church to him

Eremo delle Carceri, a place of prayer and meditation where Francis often retired

San Damiano logo linked to the conversion of Francis and home of Santa Chiara for his entire life

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